About Us

Don’t follow the crowd follow Hall & Bramley.

At Hall & Bramley we are always looking to be ahead of the game, that next new flavour, the next unique product, whilst still providing premium products at a realistic affordable price, we are not afraid to try something new or adapt an idea that we put our spin on.


Hall & Bramley has its origins in Liverpool in 1860, with a firm started by Charlton R. Hall.

The business was acquired by Halewood International in 1997 (John Halewood was a past employee), and finally incorporated in 2005 as Hall and Bramley (UK) Ltd (changed to Hall and Bramley Ltd in 2006).

Our Mission

World Class in Delivering Commercial Growth for Everyone by Hard Work, Determination and Flair.

Our Values

  1. Respect – We value our colleagues our customers and our competitors, we listen to what people want and try and bring what your customers need in a bottle.  
  2. Passion – Our team love coming into work and delivering a world-class service every day, from customer services to the sales team everyone wants to be involved and we listen to everyone’s ideas.
  3. People –   We value our team and always try to support and develop them, to try and achieve more and more, everyone feels part of this exciting team and everyone take immense pride when our products end up on your shelves.
  4. Determined – To sustain and move forward our team are constantly working on ways to improve in all areas – Brands we carry, liquids we develop, presentation or customer service levels our standards never drop.
  5. Ambitious – Our aim is to continue to grow every year, be first to the market with unique brands, ideas, flavours and initiatives, being world class takes time but we will not stop until we are WORLD CLASS.